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Faces: Kristi Head of Lite+Cycle Interview

Faces: Kristi Head of Lite+Cycle Interview

Like many creatives Kristi Head is a multi-hyphenate—she's a painter, a designer, an art director, and the founder of the 100% earth-made candle line Lite+Cycle. We especially find her work with candles to be intriguing because after all, candles were one of the first ways to tell time. With these many facets of her life, we wonder how she divides her time, and manages to stay in sync with the world.

Do you tend to schedule your days to the minute or is it more of a free flow?

I am more free flow, but I'm never late and my body seems to keep a pattern.

Are you a people watcher or oblivious?

Definitely not oblivious, but I tend to watch very surreptitiously so you might never know I saw that.

How do you keep track of and nurture each facet of your work?

I make copious lists, always hand written. Very graphic, albeit a tad messy. I use lines to segment each project or thought I am currently working on. The breadth of the work dictates the amount of real estate it gets in the page and the boldness, use of caps, boxes verses circles and how many asterisks all play a role in keeping me on point.

To nurture my work I have learned to always honor what comes. Having so many plates spinning, this isn't always easy. One thing I've learned over time is to always find a quick way to get it out of my head and on the record. If I'm on deadline for a client and I suddenly get a hit of inspiration for an art project I make sure to get it on one of my lists (usually in the corner of the page). It is imperative to record it because 30 seconds later I may have to fill an order! I've also been know to excuse myself (hopefully with grace) mid conversation to send myself an email. This one is tricky but if the conversation is at an intensity level below 6 I think it's acceptable. There is no reason to lose a potentially great idea just because you can't hit pause on everything else.

The Sentry SS

What's your favorite time of the day?

I'm rarely up at dawn but that's my favorite to witness. I can lay awake in bed and revel in whatever dream I was having without any rush, and admire that blue morning light.

What's your witching hour?

Just around 9:30pm my work head turns off and all the wacky creative stuff rushes in. It can be very overwhelming actually, it's pretty powerful stuff - and I value every second.

Your Urban Forest candle is an idea that combines the energy of a city with the harmony of nature—do you find that to be the case in your life in Los Angeles?

At the time I was creating it that's the space I was in yes. I was new to Los Angeles (still am) and I was freaking out with exploration. One day sun bleached asphalt and the idiosyncratic urbanism of DTLA - the next witnessing the patterns of ravens on late evening hikes and "eye foraging" wild fennel and sage.

It's different now. That's the beautiful thing about time, as it changes so change our perceptions. Today, right now, six months later, I relate to that scent project as a reminder of the time I took a leap. A leap from home, familiarity and the dense urbanism of NYC to the wild, unfettered nature of future.

The Sentry SS

Autumn is time of change and transition, what are your favorite elements of Fall.

The chill in the air. It gives me an extra hit of energy. I love the layers of soft warm clothes and darker colors.

As the days get shorter, it's also a good time to really appreciate the privilege of man made light and energy. I feel really lucky (especially being a night owl) to live in a country that has access to electrify with a flip of a switch.

That's why Lite+Cycle has been supporting Solar Electric Light Fund. Not only are they providing energy to communities who don't have electricity, they are using solar power to do it. Along with transition and change comes an opportunity to look inside and really see all that we have and how can we share it. Now through October we are donating proceeds for all LITE+CYCLE online sales to SELF.ORG.

The Time Teller

Don't be antisocial, follow Lite+Cycle on Instragram @liteandcycle and visit

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