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Faces: Missy Gibson

Faces: Missy Gibson

Growing up in San Diego and having the Pacific Ocean as an extension of her backyard, Missy Gibson has a deep appreciation for the water. Surfing all of her life, it was recently that Missy found her passion in the form of freediving and spearfishing.

Missy's focus to freediving – which has since ignited a passion – coupled with her love of travel, has transformed her into a diving gypsy, a modern day waterbabe; taking her from San Diego, Louisiana, Florida Keys, and most recently Bimini. Today, she surrounds herself with all things water and the sport known as "Apnea", a word which is derived from the Greek word a-pnoia literally meaning without breathing. Identifying herself as a student of the foreign world below the surface, Missy is pushing herself to new depths, while sharing her knowledge with others during her travels.

Missy brings a deepwater perspective to Nixon and gives us a window into the beautiful, watery world below.

Missy sporting the Ultratide

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