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Faces: Rachael Ann Lunghi of Siren Floral Co.

Faces: Rachael Ann Lunghi of Siren Floral Co.

Rachael Ann Lunghi of Siren Floral Co. is possibly the most bad ass florist in the business. Hailing from San Diego, with a studio just half a mile from the beach, it's clear that she loves her designs to be pretty, but just like her, with just a bit of a razory edge. Wild, bright, and with stems flying, Rachel creates an artistic composition with every bouquet and arrangement she creates.

Utilizing the senses to create unique arrangements, Rachael's approach is to touch the flowers, smell the aromas and see how everything comes together in a way that you can nearly taste the beauty of her work.

You can feel the artistry that is applied to every floral creation that Rachael has her hands in. That is a result of a lifetime of creative endeavors that is now materialized as flowers as the brushstrokes of her masterpieces.

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