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Introducing The Instrument Magnacon LTD

Introducing The Instrument Magnacon LTD

Inspired by analog aviation instrument panels, Nixon releases the third and final watch from the Instrument Panel LTD series.

The Instrument Magnacon is an updated take on a classic and favorite Nixon chrono. The reimagined positive and negative visual language of an altimeter, set against stealth matte black stainless steel, creates a look technical intricacy. The single layer subdials of the chrono sit on the high-contrast white dial which also features a vibrant striped quadrant. Skeleton hour and minute hands are an exclusive consideration for this LTD Magnacon design. This precision Swiss quartz chrono boasts an updated seconds track, and main dial indices which indicate minutes.

The Instrument Panel LTD collection was first launched in January of this year with the introduction of the Horizon 48-20; and In February the second in the series, the Scope Ranger 45, went on sale.

Available globally at select retailers, in limited quantities for fans and collectors alike, the Instrument Panel LTD series are individually numbered and once they are gone, they are gone for good.