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Introducing The Nixon X Chocolate Mini Blaster LTD

Introducing The Nixon X Chocolate Mini Blaster LTD

A small dog with a big bark, the Nixon x Chocolate Mini Blaster has arrived. Teaming up to mark #20yearsofchocolate, this special edition Mini Blaster is new, limited and now available; once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Inspired by life on the road, outside of the four walls, and designed with the Chocolate team in mind, The Mini Blaster is compact, portable and built tough to withstand the elements. Grab it and go to a house-party, or the skate park, with Bluetooth connectivity and water, shock and sand resistance there are no limits to where you can take it. This little bigmouth features true wireless technology so you can crank up the volume wherever the party takes you.

Nixon and Chocolate have long shared a mutual respect for one another and over the years have toyed with the idea of creating a product collaboration together. Finally, with 2014 marking #20yearsofchocolate, the timing was right and the Mini Blaster was the product that both sides championed around.

Chocolate co-founder Rick Howard had this to say about the project: "I've known Chad (Nixon co-founder) for a long time and really respect Nixon. We've always talked about the idea of collaborating on a project together, but nothing quite stuck. A lot of us at Girl and Chocolate currently use The Blaster, and the fact that the Mini Blaster is half the size, just as loud, and you can pair two together for surround sound got us pumped. It's a perfect fit!"

The Nixon x Chocolate Mini Blaster features the signature Chocolate red, special engraving notating the LTD collaboration and is available now at finer skateshops in North America (FULL LIST).


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