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Jeremy Flores Wins The 2012 Nixon WTA Tahiti

Jeremy Flores takes on Teahupoo and wins the "heaviest wave" title and $10,000 custom Nixon watch

It was Jeremy Flores of The Reunion Islands who tackled Teahupoo and walked away the winner of Nixon's WTA for "Heaviest Wave" during the Billabong Pro. This win marks Jeremy's second win in a row for the WTA title along the Tahiti stop of the tour.

Although this years Tahiti event started off uneventful in comparison to 2011's CODE RED swell, Mother Nature ended up complying and turned out some amazing waves during the last few days.

Jeremy's win means he takes home the WTA "Heaviest Wave" title and $10,000 custom Nixon watch. The prize watch is an all black ceramic 51-30 tide, with diamonds set into the case sidewall and a flag of Tahiti/French Polynesia at the 6 o'clock hour position.

This prize is awarded for a standout moment during the event that may have otherwise not been celebrated. The WTA looks to commemorate crowning achievements for Biggest Air, Highest Heat Score, Heaviest Wave and overall Triple Crown Winner along the 4 stops of the 2012 WTA route.

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