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JP Walker To Host The Inaugural Handplant Holiday

JP Walker To Host The Inaugural Handplant Holiday

Introducing a handplant-only team contest featuring snowboarding's top professional planters.

Inspired by the highly successful Nixon JibFest, iconic snowboarder JP Walker will host the inaugural Handplant Holiday event at Bear Mountain on Saturday April 20th.

A diverse group of riders representing the contest arena, the backcountry and the streets have been invited to compete in this unique event. No matter where they usually ride, however, all possess skills in technical handplants, which will be critical in getting creative on the custom-designed course.

"I wanted to create my own contest that I could invite my friends to and have fun riding in a low pressure setting, but still have the opportunity to progress snowboarding, says Walker. "I think the Handplant Holiday will fill all those goals and turn some heads."

Up and coming riders, established pros and legends of the sport will compete in a jam format as they move from feature to feature throughout the day, accumulating as many points as possible. Each team will have a "Surprise Legendary Snowboarder Mascot" that will help them strategize to optimize their point earning potential and help keep score.

At the end of the day, each rider's points will be tallied. The team with the highest number of points will earn the title of The Handplant Holiday Winners. Each rider is also eligible to be named Most Valuable Planter or Plant of the Day.

The Handplant Holiday will join forces with electronics and entertainment innovator Sony to capture video from the event. Using the Sony Action Cam, riders will submit clips from the day for a chance to win the Best Shot of the Day contest.

"No other mountable point-of-view camera combines such advanced image stabilization and optics with a rugged exterior and convenient Wi-Fi® connectivity," said Hidenori Toyoda, director of the camcorder business at Sony Electronics. "And thanks to JP Walker's Handplant Holiday, we have the perfect platform for these skilled athletes to show what this tiny but powerful Sony Action Cam is capable of."

More info coming soon!

The Handplant Holiday will be powered by several healthy additional event sponsors including: Hill Street Café, CocoRidge Coconut Water, Fred Water and RawRev.