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Mimi Knoop Cooler Pro Chat

Mimi Knoop Cooler Pro Chat

Mimi Knoop is the latest subject of a Pro Chat from European action-sports lifestyle website Cooler.

Read an excerpt below and be sure to check out the full interview that covers topics ranging from the latest adventures Mimi has been on, to running her own brand Hoopla, to the growth of female interest in Action Sports:

And last but not least some space for you to say anything you've always wanted to get off your chest….

I guess I would tell all the girls out there that want to pursue skateboarding, (or snowboarding, surfing- playing the piano – whatever it is you like to do) that they should do it! Don't worry about what people say or if you look dumb – just get out there and make it happen! Life is too short to not spend time doing what you love.