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My Quiver: Tony Hawk

My Quiver: Tony Hawk

In action sports the word quiver is often used to refer to the arsenal of tools athletes use to execute their craft at the highest level. For Nathan Fletcher and Josh Kerr, their surfboards are their quiver. For Tony Hawk and Danny Way, it's their skateboards. But boards aside, quiver can also be used to refer to a collection of items. We checked in with Tony Hawk and discovered a fun fact: he has a deep quiver of movie collectables.

For the most part, everything in Tony's life touches skateboarding in one form or another (he is known as arguably the most renowned skateboarder of all time), but for those that know Tony on a personal level, they are aware of his affinity for cult classics films. There is no question about it– Tony is a true movie buff. One would almost believe that his need to score these rare collectibles is an itch that needs to be scratched. From actual claymation characters to small subtle movie prop details and cartoon cells from pre-digital production, all can be found throughout Tony's home.

We took a walk around Tony's house and he shared with us some of his favorite movie finds.

Behemoth, Nightmare Before Christmas

This is the actual claymation character in Nightmare Before Christmas. This piece actually found Tony, because as it turned out a friend of a friend had access to it and knew how special the piece would be to Tony. The rest was history.

(From L to R) Simpsons poster signed by everyone from the original cast, an actual hand drawn cell from the 1957 Merrie Melodies, and Sunglasses from Raising Arizona,

When looking for movie memorabilia Tony tries to find the one item that truly represents the movie and for Raising Arizona that one piece that was the sunglasses. "I looked at these and just thought they were the one item that is consistent through the [entire] movie. Anyone who has seen the movie would probably call out it and know it." -Tony

Jeffrey Lebowski's Diploma

This is Tony's most treasured piece. Maybe it is because the movie is just so damn good or maybe it is because the diploma is one of those small details that speaks to the one scene that all Lebowski fans can connect on.

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