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New Friends: Glass Animals Playlist & Interview

New Friends: Glass Animals Playlist & Interview

After finishing a tour throughout Europe with St. Vincent, Oxford's Glass Animals topped off 2014 with a debut album working with famed producer Paul Epworth – it's clear this four piece isn't stopping anytime soon. Now on a headlining tour of their own, Glass Animals somehow found the time between the craziness to chat with us.

From somewhere in Spain, the bands drummer, Joe Seaward, told us all about his love of DMX, Dave Bayley's insomnia, and how you can thank Bill Withers for the latest album. Take a look further down below for music that Seaward is hooked on – a new playlist is just one of the perks of making a rad new friend.

New Friends: Glass Animals Playlist

What did you all listen to in high school? Were you recording music back then?
No! Definitely not. We listened to a bunch of stuff. Dave and I have always been into Hip-Hop so we used to hang out and put on DMX, Dr Dre, Snoop, biggie, all the classics. We also all used to go out and watch shows in Oxford at this wicked old venue called the zodiac. Bands like Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park, LCD Soundsystem and Bloc Party were all blowing up then, and passed through quite often, so we used to go watch that. There was a whole bunch if other old stuff too we would sit and play on our parents record players.

You've mentioned that the idea to form the band came out of insomnia- can you tell us a little about that?
Yeah sure. While Dave was at University he was having some trouble sleeping. He was DJing at the time, in a club called Fabric in London. He would get home really late from the club and still be wired - so he decided that he would try and do something constructive with his time..and tried to make some music of his own...Golden Antlers, which is one of the first songs we ever released, was his first attempt.

Glass Animals "Gooey"

Recently you've been remixing and working with other acts like Brooklyn based Tei Shi – who would you like to work with in the future?
We are always looking to find new artists who we find exciting. Normally people who add something to our music that we can't. None of us can rap for example...yet. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but it's always cool working with other people, we always learn a lot. Beyoncé would be great.

Other producers have been remixing your work, too – whose production style are you currently digging?
Caribou is amazing. Flying Lotus is a Glass Animals favorite too. Timbaland is totally insane, there are plenty others.

You recorded your first EP Leaflings, in a cabin in the woods – if you had to record in isolation again, what wouldn't you forget to bring?
Drew forgot his shoes last time, so those. I'd bring some coffee to keep us going. And some cereal

What were some songs that that had the most impact on you growing up?
How about some records?

      • The Beatles - Revolver
      • Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
      • Tom Vek - We Have Sound
      • Dr Dre - The Chronic
      • Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
      • Can - Tago Mago

What were you listening to last time you were in the studio?
The last time we were properly in the studio was when we were making the record. And that was a time where I made a conscious effort to listen to music that had little to do with music that influenced the record...for my own sanity and also to keep my brain open to new ideas. I was listening to a lot of jazz - people like Dave Brubeck, miles Davis and bill Evans. And also lots of old soul music. Bill Withers, Isaac Hayes, Nina Simone, that kind of thing.

You're on tour right now throughout the UK and Europe – you must be meeting a ton of new people. Any of them making music we should know about?
Yeah we are, we just toured America with a dude called Rome Fortune. He has the potential to be a superstar. Another guy called Gabriel Garzon-Montano is really exciting. And another producer called Gilliigan Moss is well worth keeping an eye on.

Glass Animals with Rome Fortune | Photo: Ethan Shvartzman

A lot of people have interesting aspirations as a kid, did you want to be a musician growing up?
I just wanted to not be at school. And my dreams came true!! It feels SO good man. Jeeze. Having simple goals in life really pays off.

Don't be antisocial, follow Glass Animals on twitter @glassanimals and visit their website for tour dates:

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