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New Friends: The Districts Playlist And Interview

New Friends: The Districts Playlist And Interview

Philadelphia's a city synonymous with alt rock bands like Man Man, Kurt Vile, War on Drugs and now current transplants from Lancaster, PA,The Districts. Listening to the recent high school grads mature and emotional debut EP,"Telephones," feels like we're dipping our feet into the southern soul of the Mississippi River. With this undeniable lure, it's no wonder the one take video of "Funeral Beds" attracted our friends at Fat Possum Records to come knocking.

Having wrapped a long list of US shows, the boys have cast off for a maiden European tour. Chatting with us from England, they happily filled us in on what it's like playing house parties in Philly, what they'd put on a playlist for themselves at sixteen and the wonders of playing their first show in a PA burrito shack.

New Friends: The Districts Playlist

There's a clear classic rock lineage running through your music-- what were some of your formative albums and have you stuck by them or added new staples to the rotation while recording Telephones?
Yeah we all listened to the beatles and the doors when we're younger as a band and still do. Some other ones we were listening to we're Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Dr Dog albums, and Man Man albums, especially Life Fantastic by Man Man.

You're originally from Lancaster County, PA – is there anything to do there besides play music?
Nope! Haha no but there were some things like hanging out at speedwell lake. During high school we'd come down to philly a lot to play shows and hangout.

If you could make a playlist for your 16-year-old self, what would be on it? Any message in the liner notes?
I wouldn't give myself anything cause it would destroy the space time continuum and probably get sucked into a big ole black hole! But I'd give myself too much Hoobastank.

You've mentioned before that you love your hometown heroes like Kurt Vile, War On Drugs, and Man Man – any other lesser known local bands we should be listening to?
Pine Barons and The Lawsuits!

You've said that when you first started really playing, you played a lot of house shows in Philly – is there a big DIY scene? What are some of favorite places to play in Philly?
Yeah there's a big scene. House shows are some of our favorite shows to play. But some of the best places are golden teahouse and first Unitarian church. We haven't played golden teahouse but seeing shows there is cool. Rip femme house.

Photo by Caitlin McCann

From festivals to burrito shops, you've played a lot of interesting places- do you have any standout favorite memories from any you could share? Have any pictures from the event?
Yeah Señorita Burrito shows were always crazy and sweaty, especially the Christmas sweater one!

Follow The Districts on tour this winter—then you can tell everyone why they would be an idiot to miss the band at upcoming festivals like Bonnaroo, Hangout Fest or Governors Ball.

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