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Nixon & B4BC Snowboarder Elena Hight Interview

Nixon & B4BC Snowboarder Elena Hight Interview

Have you ever seen one one of those world maps on someone's wall marked to pins of everywhere they've been? We suppose if Nixon snowboarder Elena Hight decided to start one, the tiny pin manufacturer's of the world would rejoice and hang posters of HER on their walls. Get it? We're saying she travels—a lot.

That's one reason why we are always excited when she drops by the office; New stories of the amazing places Elena has been to compete, train, model in a photoshoot or just live in the moment. And all the while, Elena remains humble and driven to inspire the next generation of snowboarders and activists, even finding time to release a new recipe book of health conscious and delicious salads and smoothies (more on that later).

Last week, a day after returning from vacation in Bali, we went up the street to Elena's summer digs in Leucadia to hang and drop off our newest collaboration with Boarding For Breast Cancer, The Nixon X B4BC Small Time Teller, and The Mini Blaster portable speaker. Below, find out how she became involved with the organization, favorite song to mark the first day of the season, what she's got planned for 2015 and more.


First off, how was your summer?

I have had a fabulous summer! A lot of fun travels, family time, and tons of activities, exactly what I was looking forward to after a long winter.

Let's talk about B4BC. How long have you been an advocate for Boarding For Breast Cancer and what made you want to get involved?

I have been an ambassador for B4BC for 3 years now. I am very passionate about their core message of spreading awareness of how a healthy, active lifestyle is the best thing that you can do for your health. The partnership has been amazing because I have been able to help spread that message that I am personally so connected to.

The Nixon X B4BC Small Time Teller

Is there any wisdom you've gained from working with B4BC that has stuck and you would like to share?

I never knew that so many people were effected by breast cancer until I began working with them, it is amazing how common it is and that there still is no cure for it.

We're a huge fan of your recipe's and healthy diet tips on the B4BC blog, when did you become so interested in nutrition and how long have you been an iron chef?

HAHA. Iron chef?! That would be awesome! I started traveling at a very young age, and because I was always trying new foods around the world I became very interested in cooking and being able to remake the things that I loved. That evolved into being interested in what food does for your body and has transitioned into me trying to make all of the things that I find from around the world healthier in my own kitchen.

The Nixon X B4BC Small Time Teller & The Mini Blaster

Last season, your web series Hight Hopes gave us a very personal view of your life through snowboarding. How has the experience of running your own series been?

The Hight Hopes series was one of the best experiences that I have had in my career. It was definitely scary to share so much of my personal experience with the world without filtering out the things that most people don't want the world to see. However, it was an extremely rewarding project because I think that as a professional athlete its easy to share the good stuff, the stuff that we all are striving to achieve, but it is much more powerful and inspiring to share the real journey that is often times hidden.

If we asked you to make a "First day of the season" playlist, what song would you pick to kick it off?

OOO well the season is coming up here quick! I have recently been really into Aloe Black, I love his Here Today song.

Which is better, blue skies and a fresh cut half pipe or three feet of fresh powder?

POW! All day everyday!

What are you looking forward to the most in 2015?

I am most looking forward to riding lots of powder!

The Nixon X B4BC Small Time Teller & The Mini Blaster

Shop our latest collaboration with B4BC, The Small Time Teller; A portion of sales of this watch benefit Boarding For Breast Cancer's awareness programs.

Follow @elenahight on Instagram and download her new digital cookbook with B4BC, "Quick and Clean Salads & Smoothies for the Active Girl on the Go," here.