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Nixon Artist Series Profile: MWM

Nixon Artist Series Profile: MWM

Drawing on the abstract, this season Nixon worked closely with graphic artist Matt W. Moore, popularly known as MWM. The outcome is a collaborative mash-up and series of creative showcasing MWM's abstract, energy-infused style dubbed "Vectorfunk."

We sat down with MWM to find out more about where he came from and the inspiration he drew from for this season's Artist Series products.

Shadow Form: The Time Teller P and The Sentry Leather

First off, where did you come from and where are you right now?

I was born and raised in the Boston area and studied art and design at RISD, SCAD, and MECA. I have been very fortunate to travel all over the globe for creative projects for the last decade. Paris and Boston have been my central stations these last few years. This Summer I am Europe and in Fall I will be back stateside for a nice mural tour.

How do snowboarding and action sports parallel with your design?

These sports are so much about being freestyle and fun, always trying new things and pushing oneself to the next level even if it is scary or seems impossible. There is a real parallel for me with board sports and art, especially graffiti, which is so much about going big and fast and being expressive. I am a very mathematical mind. When I am riding and planning a trick I am actually seeing the geometry of the space and little lines and measurements start popping up in my imagination. I feel the S-curves when I ride and I play with them in the same way I move a paintbrush. An exciting imaginary landscape. Choose your own adventure.

You've created art for countless mediums, from surfboards to sunglasses to the sides of city buildings. How do you adapt your creative process to new creative avenues?

Every project is different and has unique requirements and challenges. I am grateful for this range of different projects across disciplines. Cross-pollination is key. Each project, big or small, art or design, whether it's an afternoon mural or an elaborate product design, I go into it with a curious and open mind and develop a strategy that defines the overall trajectory and also allows for flexibility in execution. The freedom to be spontaneous combined with a solid plan leads to fresh, confident, on target results.

The Thayer Belt

How did you approach this opportunity to collaborate with Nixon? Can you tell us how you landed on the designs that we see today?

It was a real honor to work with Nixon on this collection of graphics. Seeing the designs come to life on watches and garments has been a great feeling. Joe Babcock, with whom I have worked with a bunch of times over the years, hit me up and we began the exploration. The ‘Shadow Form' collection celebrates refined and subtle shifts in tone. Everything I designed was in black and white, high contrast, bold and complex, and then distilled down to black-on-black, gloss-on-matte, or embossed applications. Complexity simplified.

What is your dream project to give the MWM treatment?

Well, this project definitely checked a big box. ‘Interior decorating a watch' is a milestone for sure. Another lifelong dream is to work with NASA and candy paint a spaceship whip. That would be surreal.

Check out more of MWM's work featured on the Shadow Form collection.
For more MWM, visit his website: and follow his instagram @mwm_graphics.

The Grid Crew

The Thayer Bi-fold Wallet

The Gate Snap Back Hat

The Lens Flare Tee