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Nixon Europe proudly presents the official release of its latest video clip, showcasing exclusive footage of the "Happy F*KNG Trip", a skateboarding project taking place this past fall.

For 10 days, a handpicked group of European elite riders including Chris Pfanner, Javier Sarmiento, JB Gillet, Alain Goikoetxea, Alex Mizurov and Antony Lopez took off to discover concrete playgrounds from Northern Spain up to the Southeast of France. Showcasing solid skills and putting the spotlight on extraordinary spots between Bilbao, Barcelona and Lyon, the guys lived the true spirit of a skate roadtrip and produced some great footage. In the style of other Nixon events like the Nixon Surf Challenge or Jibfest, the main goal of the "Happy F*KNG Trip" was having a good time in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying to skate together.

By courtesy of longtime Nixon friend Akhenaton, the soundtrack features the song "Indepedenza" by the rap cambo "IAM", a classic of French hip hop and street culture.