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Nixon Music Catches Up With Eagulls

Nixon Music Catches Up With Eagulls

We met up with the boys of Eagulls during their tour stop in LA, a far reach from their Leeds home turf. While drummer Henry Ruddell got a fresh do' from a local barber, we busted out our cameras, cracked a few beers, and sat around with the lads as they told us about life on the road.

Last time we checked in with Eagulls was before the release of your raw and powerful self-titled debut, what's changed for the band since then?

We've been very busy since with touring and showing people our music, its taken us to a lot of places we've never stepped foot before and allowed us to meet a lot of different people which is nice, the shows too have are getting busier and busier, so we're happy with the reaction to the album. Other than that we're just doing the same thing we've always done.

How was your experience playing Letterman?

It was fairly surreal, but a good experience as a whole. It's a different sort of adrenaline to playing an actual live gig.

What are the essential's on your tour packing list?

We've come to realize that packing light is key, as for essentials, socks, pants, toothpaste, music, books and water. Very ‘rock n roll'.

What's the most important one thing/person/tool/instrument you have with you on this tour?

I would say any one of the above, they're all vital!

This one is for Goldy & Liam: You clearly know what you're doing when it comes to making your guitars sound possessed (sorry), what are your favorite pedal(s) for the Eagulls sound?

Over the years we've built up a bit of a collection between us, plenty of chorus and reverb are a staple but we're always experimenting, trying to make new interesting sounds to build a sonic landscape in our songs. The last track on the album started from the harsh siren noise and Opaque really came to life with the more harmonic feedback throughout it. It all helps to create an intensity and atmosphere in the songs so you hear and feel them.

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Photos by Nick Walker.