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Nixon Music: Spin The Globe, Brazil

Nixon Music: Spin The Globe, Brazil

As the World Cup begins to fade into memory we wanted to get one last listen of the bright, chaotic, and unashamedly fun music that defined this year's tournament. To our relief, the 2014 games traded in the South African drone of vuvuzelas for the bounce of bossa nova, leaving us with one of the best sport soundtracks in years. For this month's Spin the Globe we put our ear to Brazil's pearlescent beaches and made a playlist out of what we heard back.

Pearls Negras

The blown out bass of Funk Carioca ricochets down the web of concrete alleys that run through Rio's favelas. It's at the peak of Vidigal, one of the cities most troubled neighborhoods, where Brazil's new queens have built their throne. Pearls Negras marry the over the top brashness of Rio's club heavy Baile Funk to everything they do. With their vibrant style and knife edged delivery, the trio of leading ladies push on the line of glam until it crosses into punk.

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil

The gentle strum of guitars on Rio's lush beaches may seem like a far cry from the hip-hop counter culture coming from the favelas, but in the bones of every Ipanema tinted note is the rebellious past of Brazil's tropicalia movement. During the 60's Rio's musicians, both mainstream and underground, used a blend of jazz, punk, and bossa nova to take a stand against the growing militarization of Brazil. Artists like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso were cited as revolutionaries and exiled from the country

Gal Costa

Brazil's music scene mirrors the collage like color of its rainforest and different shades of its beautiful people. Pinning it to a specific set of artists or a homogenous sound is almost impossible. The bass heavy influence of Funk Caracois can be heard in songs from Diplo and MIA while the gentle sounds and subtle experimentation of Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa continue to find a home in modern Brazilian music.

Hit play on the player below to enjoy our Spin The Globe: Brazil playlist and head to the Nixon Soundcloud for more great music, updated faster than Spain can change their return flight itinerary.