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Nixon Photo Tee Series: Brian Bielmann Part I

Nixon Photo Tee Series: Brian Bielmann Part I

A fixture in the surf community for over 25 years, Brian Bielmann is a quintessential surf photographer. Internationally recognized and respected, Brian has been a friend of the Nixon team and family for years on end.

This season, Nixon worked with Brian to curate a series of Photo Tees featuring his favorite shots. A passionate surfer and photographer, his talents and love for all things water are evident in the work that he produces and Nixon's new Photo Tee Series is further proof of that.

Below, learn the stories behind these images in his words as he revisits the moments.

Above Photo
This was my first day in Tahiti and I went out to shoot underwater. It seemed to be about 4 feet and I jumped in with my mask and fins, which is how I shoot all my underwater shots. Immediately a six foot set came in. Caught off guard, I started to slightly panic and then realized if I was gonna get slammed I might as well get the shot. I started shooting as the wave was coming at me and right before it hit me I turned the camera to my right and shot the other photographers right before they got hit by the wave.

I think we all got beat fairly good by this wave but I got one of my favorite images. It was published worldwide and I actually had another photographer call me and say he started taking pictures and became a photographer after seeing this shot. That's the kind of things that make it all worth while to me—actually inspiring others with my work.

This was shot during a TransWorld Surf trip we did at one of my favorite places in the world, Tavarua, Fiji. I have shot the island from a boat hundreds of times and wanted to shoot a different kind of shot so I turned one of my camera bodies into an infrared body to get those crazy foliage turning white kinda look with the crazy dark cloudy skies.

Stay tuned for more words Brian Bielmann next week.

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