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Nixon Photo Tee Series: Brian Bielmann Part II

Nixon Photo Tee Series: Brian Bielmann Part II

A fixture in the surf community for over 25 years, Brian Bielmann is a quintessential surf photographer. Internationally recognized and respected, Brian has been a friend of the Nixon team and family for years on end.

This season, Nixon worked with Brian to curate a series of Photo Tees featuring his favorite shots. A passionate surfer and photographer, his talents and love for all things water are evident in the work that he produces and Nixon's new Photo Tee Series is further proof of that.

Below, learn the stories behind these images in his words as he revisits the moments.

This photo (above) was shot in Tahiti on a small day during the Billabong Teahupoo contest. I love to shoot underwater during that time because you have all the pros in town—they randomly paddle out and you just sit in the lineup and wait to see who shows up. On this small day the surfer just caught this wave and I positioned my self in the perfect spot as he did a cutback just above my head.

Andy Irons in Fiji, on the island of Tavarua. We did a lot of cool trips together. Andy was my favorite surfer ever to shoot with and always ready to try some cool ideas. I really miss Andy but I have some really great photos from working together to remember him.

Read Part I of our feature on Brian Bielmann and stay tuned for more.

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