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Nixon Welcomes Alex Mizurov To EU Pro Team

Nixon is proud to welcome German street skater Alex Mizurov to the Nixon EU Pro Team.

Born in Kazakhstan, Alex was previously on the Nixon flow program for several years. During that time, he made a very strong impression on the Nixon pro team riders whenever he joined them on skate jaunts around Europe. The 25-year-old's outstanding technical ability and clinical skate style, coupled with his good-humored nature and determined attitude to getting the job done, made it almost too easy for the rest of the Nixon team to rubber-stamp his promotion to the pro ranks.

If anything, Alex's new status is overdue recognition for one of Europe's most promising talents, who first burst on to the international skate scene as a teenager in 2006 when he went toe-to-toe with legendary US skater Chris Cole before winning eS Game of SKATE at ASR. Since those early days, the recently married regular-foot skater has continued to refine his skills and grow his devastating arsenal of tricks. Consistently recognized as Germany's top skater, the 2013 German Champion is a veritable trick machine who performs when it matters most, not only in contests but also when shooting stills and filming parts.

"I'm hyped to join the pro team," said Alex. "It's been an honor to be part of the Nixon family for as long as I have been. The guys have always welcomed me with open arms, and I'm excited to join them as a fellow pro on the team and skate with them all a whole bunch more. Psyched to step up!"