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Nixon welcomes Wojtek Pawlusiak to the EU Snowboard Team

Nixon is proud to announce the addition of urban snowboarding specialist Wojtek Pawlusiak to the Nixon EU pro snow program.

The 28-year-old Polish rail slayer, who undoubtedly ranks as one of his country's greatest shred exports, was actually a relatively late starter in the freestyle snowboard game. Following a promising stint as a professional ski jumper, Wojtek - or Gniazdo as he's known among friends - only strapped in for the first time in his late teens. It didn't take long for him to make a name for himself back home and he soon went on to attract attention with a series of impressive results at jib contests across the Europe.

While the contest scene was where he first cut his pro teeth, it's been through his involvement with Pirate Movie Productions & the Isenseven crew that Wojtek has really made a lasting impression. Currently starring in the Pirates' latest critically-acclaimed release, Perceptions, Wojtek laid down yet another banger part last winter, taking his fair share of bruising knocks along the way.

Welcome to The Team Wojtek!