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Nixon X Complex Holiday Lookbook

Southern California is a great place to call home. The niche neighborhoods and supportive communities offer creative entrepreneurs a place to thrive. For these driven individuals, it's the perfect environment in which to learn and develop their craft.

Adam McDermott & Chad Kushner of Linus Bikes

Nixon was founded so that people everywhere would have distinctive products ranging from watches and wallets to mobile speakers and bags that are stylistically on par with the centerpiece items in their wardrobes.

In order to achieve this unique status in the worlds of fashion and design, Nixon has had to push the envelope from the very beginning. As such, the brand is always on the lookout for like-minded individuals—be they collaborative partners or just kindred spirits out showing us how it's done.

Writer & Graphic Designer KB Lee

We've teamed with Complex to shine a light on four revolutionary influencers who have come on the scene to help transform their respective industries, bringing with them the same passion and desire to push boundaries that Nixon recognizes as integral to its own success.

Dana Jazayeri of As Issued

Jonathan Whitener of Animal

Watch the video above and follow the link below for even more insight into the lives of these fascinating individuals, and to learn more about what they're doing to both preserve classic values and push the past boundaries of their respective fields.

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