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New and now available, The Nixon x Hawaii Lodown limited edition tide watch, featuring colors of the Hawaii state flag, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Defend Oahu Coalition.

Available now at select Nixon retailers in the Hawaiian Islands, The Nixon x Hawaii Lodown features the state colors of red, white and blue, a custom-engraved caseback of the Hawaiian flag, an engraved closure buckle with the word "Hawaii" prominently showcased, and lastly, it all comes wrapped up in custom packaging in the likeness of the Hawaiian flag and the Defend Oahu Coalition motto, "Keep the Country COUNTRY!".

The development of this watch was inspired by Nixon Global Team member Mark Cunningham, a North Shore local, lifeguard, and a Defend Oahu Coalition activist. Sales from this watch will help support the Defend Oahu Coalition, an organization aimed at protecting the communities of Oahu from the effects of large scale development.

The Nixon x Hawaii Lodown is a digital tide watch featuring pre-programmed tide charts for over 200 beaches for the next 15 years, dual time, countdown timer, wave counter, light and will retail for $100. Once these watches are sold out, they are gone.

About Defend Oahu Coalition
The Defend Oahu Coalition is a diverse group of community residents, environmentalists, and activists all working together toward one immediate goal: protecting communities on Oahu from the dangerous effects of large scale development. Believing that the beautiful open spaces and shorelines on Oahu are for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Committed to ensuring that it will be a resource for generations to come. For more information, visit: