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Nixon X Hypebeast: The Art Of Time With Paul Rodriguez

Nixon X Hypebeast: The Art Of Time With Paul Rodriguez

Partnering with major influencers from across the world such as Sophia Chang and Ta-Ku, Nixon has teamed up with Hypebeast to explore how artistic stimulation and self-expression act as essential components in the lives of these tastemakers, in turn impacting how they curate their own personal style. Cue our multifaceted collection of timepieces, which work for these trendsetters no matter what their schedule has in store, helping to keep them on point, day in and day out. In this, our final feature, we went to our own pool of talent to see how one of our global team skateboarders has derived his own style and sense of self.

Paul Rodriguez Shoe Room

It All Starts With A Coffee

It goes without saying that Paul Rodriguez is a name that commands considerable respect in the realm of skateboarding. While he entertained notions of becoming a famous lead guitarist while growing up in San Fernando Valley, PRod was instead destined to find fame atop a skateboard deck, buying his very first board with Christmas money given to him by his parents at the tender age of 12.

Session At Paul Rodriguez' Private Park

Paul In His Park | Wearing The Diplomat SS

He took to the discipline immediately and has been on an exponential upward journey ever since, gaining him sponsors, a place in several video games in the Tony Hawk franchise as well as being hailed as one of the "30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time" by Transworld Magazine. In recent years, Rodriguez has also been the face of Nike Skateboarding and has lent his name to several Nike SB shoe designs, alongside launching his own skateboard brand, Primitive Skateboarding.

Primitive Skateboarding Offices With Nixon Skateboarder & New Primitive Pro Nick Tucker

That "Just Turned Pro" Feeling

As a figure notable for his transparency and visibility, Rodriguez seeks a solid timepiece that projects authority. With its pops of color and oversized numerals, the Diplomat SS injects a dash of individuality into a standard 45mm stainless steel case. Its Swiss GMT movement also allows you to tell the time in two locations at once, perfect for the jet-setter as well as those with a case of wanderlust.

Paul Wears The Diplomat SS

Korean BBQ With The Primitive Crew

Paul Wears The Diplomat SS

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