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Photo Series: Mike Blabac

Photo Series: Mike Blabac

Skate photographer Mike Blabac is known to be as solid as they come. With a keen eye and the ability to capture poignant moments, Mike is known for his exceptional talent behind the lens and for his humble attitude in front of it. First stepping foot onto a skateboard when he was 12, Mike became inspired by skate culture and the photos he saw in Thrasher and TransWorld SKATEboarding by legendary photographers J. Grant Brittian, Spike Jonze, and Luke Ogden.

In 1994, after spending his teens shooting his friends skating around town, he packed up his bags and moved to San Francisco, the heart of the skate scene at the time. Using the city as his backdrop and his newfound experiences to hone his craft, Mike's first big break came when a full page photo of his was featured in TransWorld.

From that point on, Mike's work was continually published in all of the skate mags. With over 20 years of skate photography under his belt, Mike has worked for Girl Skateboard Company, Chocolate Skateboards, and DC Shoes, among others. A long time friend of Nixon, Mike's work has been used throughout the years in many of our marketing campaigns. In addition to that, Mike's personal friendship and professional work with many of our skate team riders further solidifies his place within the Nixon family.

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