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projectDETOUR: a short film series by David Bertschinger Karg

Back in April, DBK (David Bertschinger Karg) began discussing his vision for a new film series. Looking to create something that would stand out, DBK embarked on journey that would highlight three locations around the world ranging from the Alps to Greece to California. The end result is a collaborative and solid crew of riders that vary from one location to the next. Showcasing not only the skills of those in the film, projectDETOUR also looks to add a narrative layer about the local culture of each stop. All three films will be available this fall. Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, check out the projectDETOUR trailer.

projectDETOUR features: Nicolas Müller, Shayne Pospisil, DBK, Markus Keller, Austin Smith, Eric Messier, Levi Luggen, Deniz Cinek, Mike Knobel, and friends.

Directed by: David Bertschinger Karg