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Pukas x Nixon: Stoked & Salty Video

Nixon's travelling pop-up exhibition the Art Mosh is back with a special edition dedicated to the fascinating world of surfing in association with Basque surfboard manufacturer Pukas.

For a period of 2 weeks a complete art space featuring the works of Thomas Campbell, Alex Laurel, Bastien Bonnarme and Keith Malloy as well as a unique selection of Pukas collector's boards and private treasury will be set up in the heart of San Sebastian.

"STOKED & SALTY" follows Nixon's longtime tradition to support local artists and emerging creative talents and will be the premier of an Art Mosh initiative exclusively devoted to the universe of surfing. There could be no better partner than the family owned company Pukas, one of Europe's most renowned and genuine surfboard manufacturers.

"STOKED & SALTY – a Nixon art mosh initiative" was inaugurated on August 16th.

French Indie Band "The Dedicated Nothing" played live in concert in presence of the Pukas founders, several shapers and athletes.