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Sal Masekela's Lollapalooza Takeover

"You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather."

This line by 2014 Lollapalooza headliner's Outkast best describes the @nixon_now Instagram takeover we planned with Nixon ambassador and Red Bull live-stream host Sal Masekela.

While we teased 24 hours of exclusive photos by your host from behind the velvet ropes (or in this case chain link fences high enough to keep out the best ninja-warrior), none of us considered that 220,000 festival goers all sending the same selfie in front of Andre 3000 would bring down a cell phone network like a FOMO-fueled natural disaster.

So we sat impatiently awaiting the transmission of Sal's insider access to begin until, finally, the stream of images slowly trickled into our inbox... three days later.

Don't worry, we know better than to hang our heads and let a good takeover go to waste. Sal gave us a behind the scenes look into Lollapalooza and we're going to throw it back to present Sal Masekela's Lollapalooza Takeover that never was. Enjoy!

"Me from my #lollalive set. About to interview Chvrches. Bonkers."

"Lollapalooza founder, living legend and hardcore surf shred, Perry Farrell, and his slightly energetic wife, Etty, come by for a hang after performing on the 'Perry' stage. Of course he has his own stage."

"I just became an honorary member of Bear Hands, who are like a sister band to Cage The Elephant. Cool kids from NYC."

no caption.

These guys won "BEST GROUP RAIN CONTINGENCY PLAN" at Lollapalooza. #strengthinnumbers

Fitz And The Tantrums massive crowds.

The one and only Shepard Fairey is here spreading the gospel of how art and music go hand in hand with a show called 'Artists Present Provacateurs.' We worked next door to each other 20 years ago when I was at Planet Earth Skateboards and he had a company called Sophisto.

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Sal is wearing The October