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Silversun Pickups to release Swoon, their sophomore album

Silversun Pickups to release Swoon, their sophomore album

Swoon, the sophomore LP from Silversun Pickups, will be released April 14 on Dangerbird Records. The L.A. quartet has emerged from the depths of recording studios and is ready to flaunt their new material.

“I’m really proud of Swoon,” singer/guitarist Brian Aubert says. “I felt that we started this thing with a complete blank slate just kind of staring at a big mountain, not knowing where this was going to go. Everyone worked so insanely hard and I feel like you hear that we were in there every day trying to make the best songs that we could.”

A pair of these new songs will be unveiled just prior to the album’s release as part of an exclusive Silversun Pickups Track Pack for the top-selling video game Guitar Hero® World Tour. In April, players will be able to take the SSPU challenge with three downloadable tracks: two new songs, “Panic Switch” and “Nice to Know You Work Alone,” or “Well Thought Out Twinkles” from their breakthrough, Carnavas.

With only a short month off following an exhaustive two-plus year tour schedule behind their debut, SSPU locked themselves in a rehearsal room to begin work on their follow up. Aubert points out this scheduled seclusion was a different approach for the band: “During Carnavas we were in and out of the studio often because we were touring behind our EP Pikul. We had to stop and start and stop and start, which was a little frustrating and crazy. This is the first time we’ve ever actually written anything straight through, then gone into a studio.”

With the help of the Carnavas producer and mixer team of Dave Cooley and Tony Hoffer, Silversun Pickups churned out an album that Aubert says, “sounds like a nervous breakdown.” The songs are taut, embellished in places with string arrangements that appear like a drizzle of mercury over the SSPU's trademark distorted density. The band's music acts as a shadow to Aubert’s lyrics being pulled on a chain by his every vocal whim. His words narrate personal traumas, as though they could be commentary on headlines of any day’s newspaper. As a whole, Swoon is a tapestry of beauty and aggression.

In honor of this release, Gibson/Epiphone will create limited edition guitars with custom SSPU artwork, to be displayed at indie retailers across the country, timed with the annual Record Store Day on April 18. Fans can enter to win one of these unique collaborations via beginning April 1.

To learn more about SILVERSUN PICKUPS, check out their official website