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Sophia + Vasha

Inside the studio with UNDO-Ordinary creators Sophia Chang + Nai Vasha.

Recently Sophia Chang and Nai Vasha, creators of UNDO-Ordinary magazine, showed us around their Downtown LA studio loft and its environs. The artist and professional creatives took some time to introduce us to the objects and ideations of their waking dreamlife.

UNDO-Ordinary is a bi-annual magazine, and pop-up media experience, focused on both fitness and wellness and supporting the creative community overall. They are street athletes who harness power of community and creativity. A mash-up of culture and movement. Fueled by the ethos that there is no finish line.

Originally from Queens, with an Illustration degree from Parsons School of Design, Sophia Chang is a self-proclaimed part of a “new generation of entrepreneurs that are flexing beyond what meets the eyes.” With recognition in creative fields from printmaking, graphic & web design, and illustration, to marketing, event hosting, art curation and more, words stretch to define all this dynamic creative seems capable of slaying.

The Clique Leather Watch by Nixon Sophia Chang and Nai Vasha x Nixon UNDO-Ordinary Magazine x Nixon The Clique Watch by Nixon

Chang’s co-founder at UNDO magazine, Nai Vasha, hails from the Left Coast with a similarly massive lane: photography, art direction, writing, adventuring, and then some. Vasha’s work has been shaped by an interest in human behavior, sports, and an ever-increasing interest in holistic health and wellness. Of UNDO, Vasha tells us, “We’ll do it until we’re confident enough to walk into someone’s office and look them straight in the eye and say, ‘We want 4 million dollars to do this and recreate it for other people.”

“That’s the dream,” Chang agrees. “We’re not scared to dream.”

Sophia Chang and Nai Vasha x Nixon Sophia Chang and Nai Vasha x Nixon Sophia Chang and Nai Vasha x Nixon

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