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Spin The Globe: Paris

Spin The Globe: Paris

There's something about Paris that keeps us coming back and now we've opened a new Nixon store in the city of light on rue Froissart in the heart of le Marais, the city's historic and creatively thriving neighborhood. Home to art galleries, fashion houses and restaurants, it's the perfect spot for Nixon to open a new set of doors, and an even better place for us to play some of our favorite Parisian producers of the moment.

If you can't make it to the Eiffel Tower, Rex Club, Nouveau Casino to see some of the best DJ's or our new spot before the summer's end, don't worry—we've put together a playlist of Paris' best new music and even supplied a little background on a few of our favorites. Just hit play on this Spin The Globe playlist and watch as any path beneath your feet suddenly feels like the steps of the Champs Elysees.

Spin The Globe: Paris

Since the Paris club scene's resurgence in recent years came an onslaught of new producers ready to make waves. Acts like Cherokee, Darius, Onra, French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), and Kavinsky are blasting through speakers (some mischievously only playing Sunday nights to avoid the city's noise restriction law). From dark underground house shows to mirror walled clubs off rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, this city has the spotlight and its not getting any dimmer. Exploring a smoother, more R&B centric style of house music, these Paris producers are onto something they're not letting go of anytime soon.


Reaching far past the gothic gargoyles that guard Paris' buildings, STWO's melodic, synth heavy instrumentals are as beautiful and intricately dark as the romantic city. Blending high energy beats with perfectly timed vocal glitches that in turn soothe,  STWO's production is smooth to the touch, marrying catchy hooks with a sleekness—it reminds us nothing short of the city streets after a summer rain.

Onra, photographed by Mikael Colombu

Tropical and lush, Onra makes any day look and feel brighter with his colorful disco. The beatmaker blends hip hop with 60s and 70s music from Vietnam and China—it's a worldly affair, for sure. Bubbling over with a contagious funk, tracks like "Gonna Make You Mine" burst with energy and light.

French Kiwi Juice

FKJ's (French Kiwi Juice) cocktail twist of futuristically classic and groovy synths has been moving through Paris over the past two years with an undeniable force. Carving out a name for himself using refreshingly charismatic and charming beats that layer nicely over both this French city's club scene and a day spent by the Seine, FKJ has you covered with his R&B vocal samples guaranteed to make you move.

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