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Spitfire Spring Tour 2019

Spitfire Spring Tour 2019

The Good Life

When you’re on the road with the Spitfire team for three weeks, life is good. This spring, the guys took us along on their semi-annual mission across the coast hitting their favorite parks and doing what they do best. Starting from Oakland, CA on 4-20, they kicked off the trip at the P Stone Invitational--one of the most legendary contests of the year. Then they jumped in three vans to tour up the coast camping, skating, and spreading the stoke of skate, wrapping up in Portland at Silas Baxter-Neal’s skatepark.

For more on the mission check out the pics below.

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Nixon Frank Gerwer x Spitfire Time Teller

Frank Gerwer sees through time.

Nixon x Spitfire Evan Smith

Evan Smith frontside hurricane.

Nixon x Spitfire Raney Beres

Raney Beres mixes up the juice.

Nixon x Spitfire Hugo Boserup

Hugo Boserup frontside 5-0

Nixon x Spitfire John Alden and Frank Gerwer

John Alden and Frank Gerwer see what's up.