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Team Spotlight: Meet Skateboarder Morgan Smith

Team Spotlight: Meet Skateboarder Morgan Smith

Introducing the Team Spotlight, a new series featuring the athletes and do-er's that inspire us and fly the Nixon flag around the world.

Nixon skateboarder Morgan Smith is one of those guys that makes everything look good. Everyone know's one of those people; The talented folk that make extremely difficult activities look easier than slicing a loaf of pre-sliced bread. Yeah, THAT easy.

Morgan Smith

Kickflip, Barcelona | P: Brian Caissie

We've had the pleasure of knowing Morgan for years now and followed along as he's grown from full-time-skate-rat to full-time-skate-rat AND skate industry mogul as a principle part of Kadence Distribution.

The last time we checked in with Morgan he had just taken the victory at Battle of the Berrics 4. Below, he tell's us all about how he spent summer, his eye for travel photography and what's coming next.

Morgan Smith

FS Crook | P: Owen Woytowich

What have you been up to this summer?
This summer was busy! Aside from skating everyday, figuring out new tricks, trying to film and just enjoying the weather with my friends… I've also started working and being really involved with a new skate Distribution here in Toronto called "Kadence." I'm taking care of team managing and media creation over there. I'm only part time so three days a week but it's been a really good learning experience for sure. It keeps my mind fresh so I don't get totally blown out on skating. Having that little bit of downtime has actually helped my skating a lot, I can honestly say I feel better then ever on the board at this point.

When was the last time you got in trouble for skating?
It's been a while, I usually just try to diffuse the situation. I just talk to the cops or security guard on a level where they can hopefully see we're not just a bunch of crazy little kids. We know the deal, we know we can't skate, we'll leave, its no problem haha…

Morgan Smith

BS Bigspin | P: Jeff Comber

If your Instagram feed is any indication, you've got a very artful eye; What inspires you to shoot locations vs the typical skater's stream of action shots? Does anyone in particular inspire you?
Thanks! Appreciate that! I just want to remember those places I guess, I'll look at those photos in 30 years and I'll have all these memories start to pop up, it's like keeping a little visual list of all the places I've been. I like skate stuff too, I guess I'm just more picky with what I put up there, don't want to waste people's time haha If I have some good skate iPhone footage I'll put 'er up. I don't really have anyone in particular that inspires me…I don't have any names to drop haha.

Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith | P: Brian Caissie

Do you prefer analog or digital?
I took photography for 3 years in high school and it was all analog. We developed everything in the darkroom and that was super fun, you get into a rhythm and you really learn how the camera reacts to light. I was down with analog for sure, you feel so good when you get back a good image, it's rewarding. It just had a really dramatic look to it, which you can get with digital, but it's just not the same.
Having said that, digital obviously has its pros, there's no waiting, you can just see your photo instantly and shoot again. You can edit your photos on Photoshop to get the exact look you want. It helps when your trying to get stuff done fast, and I think digital is needed these days. But analog will always have its place.

Morgan Smith

Switch Frontside Flip | P: Brian Caissie

What do you have planned for 2015? Will we see you at BATB8?
I want to escape the Toronto winter in January/February, I was thinking SF and will probably spend some time down in southern California to see all my friends there. Skate a lot, keep learning and film for my part in this next Blind video, I want to make it a good one! It'll be coming out at the end of 2015. I'm sure other little projects will come up along the way. I want to shoot an interview as well. Other then that just keep helping out at Kadence Distribution, try to grow the business as best we can, and just keep learning about the industry side of things. Stay healthy, keep my body good. As for BATB8, I have no idea haha, I haven't anything about it…the tricks are too crazy hard for me now haha, but if they invite me I'm down to try, always appreciate it.

Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith | P: Will Jivcoff

Follow Morgan on Instagram @morganersmith and, while we don't have any footage from the aforementioned upcoming Blind video, take a minute to enjoy a journey through Toronto in the videos below

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Cover Photo: Jeff Comber