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The Coldwater Surfer Series Photo Show

Nixon is proud to have supported The Coldwater Surfer Series—an event started by local Long Island surfer/photographer James Katsipis.

From the photographer, James Katsipis:
"The #coldwatersurferseries was started on Instagram, I wanted to capture the essence of what it meant to be a cold water surfer. After posting that portrait of NY winter surfers to my Instagram account and using the hashtag, the photos started to get considerable recognition.

The result of a long winter of shooting was to develop a photo exhibit and show the world through my eyes and experience what it was like to be a cold water surfer. The show was at The Neoteric Fine Art Gallery.

The opening night was amazing. Over 400 people showed up to show love and support. It was all for that night of my show to see everyone smile and look and appreciate what all the cold water surfers go through just for the love of our sport."

Watch the #ColdwaterSurferSeries video above or on vimeo.