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The Dedicated Nothing Interview And New Single

Our longtime friends from Biarritz, The Dedicated Nothing, have completed their first full length album, "Dawn To Dusk," to be released on September 22nd. We caught up with the band before they head out on an EU festival tour. Check out the interview below and be sure to hit play on their new single, "Love Me Girls," (above) while you do.

How did you all meet?

We all met around x-mas 2010—Franck & Greg, drums & lead vocals, knew each other from before then Clement hit the band a week later and it remained a three-man band until we first had the the opportunity to start recording. In September 2011, Drop In Music, which was to become our label, offered us a first recording session and there was no way we could do that without a bass player. So we called Mat—he used to play with Franck in the early 2000s. He hit the studio and in a couple of hours we connected so well that it was obvious he would become a member of the band!

What's it like being in a band in Biarritz, France?

Biarritz is a mix of true classic surf culture—the cradle of surfing in Europe and France—with amazing scenery and a laid-back lifestyle. It is a great place to live, and the music scene is really dynamic, though it is small. It is kind of a European California and well perceived by Parisians and tourists from all around Europe. What really makes a difference when playing music here is the amazing venue of l'Atabal. They have been an unquestionable support since day one, led by its manager Francois Maton who really helped us with great opportunities. There is also an annual festival called the BIG Festival and its' overall dynamic does bring attention upon the scene in Biarritz. So it is cool, but requires as well a lot of effort to reach the ears of Paris labels, venues & companies. We are still far from the heart of music in France, but to this day we have had such a blast living this great music project from South West France.

What's the worst show you've had/best show you've played?

All shows are good and to be remembered… you always learn so much from any audience, stage, bands you play with. We had an amazing moment last year at the BIG Festival opening for Two Door Cinema Club. Being on such a huge stage in a stadium, with really good sound, beautiful weather, a few miles from the beach… it will remain special for sure. Talking about tough times on stage? I guess there are a lot—it takes a long time to really build your experience and feel confident. We remember playing for over 5,000 people at Bayonne's Arena in 2011 and we really suffered. Sound issues, huge stress, etc. Overall, the show went well but we left the stage with a weird feeling despite the great crowd support.

Quick, name three songs that influenced this, your first record.

The Maccabees – "Precious Time"
The Strokes – "Last Night"
Interpol – "Leif Erickson"

What question would you like to be asked that never comes up?

"Do you want to play at New York's Madison Square Garden in 2015? Cause Nixon can help you do that" hahahahaha.

Pre-order "Dawn To Dusk" via iTunes and, if you're in Europe, check out the dates below to catch The Dedicated Nothing live—who knows, maybe someday you'll be able to tell people you saw them before they headlined Madison Square Garden.