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The Happy F*kng Trip Goes To Sicily

The Happy F*KNG Trip is back!

Last year, the Nixon Europe skate team embarked on a unique journey across extraordinary concrete playground's from Bilbao to Barcelona in, "Happy F*KNG Trip." Now, Nixon is proud to present footage from the follow up adventure in, "Happy F*KNG Trip: Sicily."

In the latest installment, six Nixon European riders hit the road with their destination set to the beautiful Island of Sicily, tucked down south in the Italian peninsula.

Nixon Happy F*KNG Trip

Consisting of Nixon EU's usual suspects—Alain Goikoetxea, JB Gillet, Alex Mizurov, Antony Lopez and Javier Sarmiento—and joined by the HFT German rookie Denny Pham, the group quickly discovered that Sicily offers much more than stunning landscapes and fantastic pizza. In between the Volcano of Etna and picturesque beaches, they found their own El Dorado: A countless variety of unexplored street spots, friendly locals, indifferent policemen and plenty of possibilities to put their abilities to the test. Topped with a summer that never seemed to end, the "Happy F*KNG Trip: Sicily" mission yielded nothing but good times.

A big shout out to our friend, Mauro, for showing us around to all his local spots!

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Watch the first "Happy F*KNG Trip" video.

Nixon Happy F*KNG Trip

Nixon Happy F*KNG Trip