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The "LIFE" of Paul Rodriguez

The new "LIFE" documentary series, shows that there is more to Paul Rodriguez than preternatural talent on a skateboard.

Rodriguez is arguably one of the best street skaters of all time. He is a passionate athlete who has proven his dominance in every major contest and continues to produce video parts of the highest caliber. His singular success has led to major sponsorship deals, but there is more to this man than winning and skating. The "LIFE" Series provides a glimpse into the complexity of a champion who is also passionate and dedicated to family, friends and the art of skating.

In the premiere episode, Paul explains the importance of family in his life with a visit to his family's ranch, and talks about all the ways he balances his personal life with his incredible career.

New episodes of "LIFE," directed and produced by Steve Berra, will air on Network A every Tuesday.