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The Nixon JibFest is back. What began in 2000 as a secret, invite-only event conceptualized by Nixon riders, Jeremy Jones, JP Walker and Dave Downing, made its grand return to Northstar-at-Tahoe this past April 26-28.

Fifteen hand-selected riders took part in the three day event and included JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Dave Downing, Joe Sexton, Simon Chamberlain, Seth Huot, Chris Grenier, Louis Paradis, Scott Stephens, Alex Andrews, E-Man Anderson, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Zac Hale, Brian Thein and Jon Cooley.

Conversations to create an invite-only event that would elevate the level of riding with custom courses and obstacles first came to Nixon via Jeremy, JP, and Dave in the late 90s. From those early brainstorming sessions, the Nixon JibFest was born. With the expert help of Snow Park Technologies' Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson, the Nixon JibFest has seen its fair share of custom, one-of-a-kind and often feared features, including some of the more known features, as seen in MDP's Stand & Deliver, Decade and The JibFest Documentary films.

Fast-forward eight years since the last Nixon JibFest gathering took place and welcome in the 2011 edition. A new custom course, a new crop of invited riders and a new jibbers playground were the key ingredients in making this year's JibFest better than ever.

The return did not disappoint. For three days; morning, noon and night, the riders ate, slept and rode JibFest, creating a memorable experience for this A-list crew. All was documented for an upcoming web series to launch later this year on JibFest

In the end, through secret ballot voting, the invitees selected Louis Felix Paradis as the overall standout of the 2011 JibFest. Louis also won praise from his peers who also selected him to win "Best Trick" for an Andrecht to fakie over the spine. Not to be overshadowed, E-Man and Simon rounded out the second and third place selections for their skilled riding as seen when it came to the "Wheels of Death." The "Wheels of Death" allowed invitees to spin two different wheels that would dictate what their next trick would be and which feature would be used for the execution of the trick.

The entire 2011 Nixon JibFest story is featured in the October issue of TransWorld Snowboarding and is on newstands now. Future Nixon JibFest webisodes plus a special three-part Nixon JibFest series of VBS's Powder and Rails will air later this fall. To view the trailer now, for updates about new and fresh content, video exclusives and more about JibFest and the upcoming Powder and Rails series and webisodes, please visit