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The Story Behind: Chris Burkard x Nixon Photo Series Tees

The Story Behind: Chris Burkard x Nixon Photo Series Tees

Seasonally, Nixon works closely with a chosen photographer and showcases their works on a limited collection of soft-goods aptly titled the Photo Series Tees. While choosing just one artist is a fun problem to have, often it's photogs who have shot campaigns for Nixon, have worked at surf, skate, or snow publications, or have come to our attention at the recommendation of a team rider that we align with. In the case of this season's Photo Series Tees, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with Chris Burkard.

California born and raised photographer Chris Burkard has never been far from the muse that is often reflected in his work: the ocean. Raised on the Central Coast, Chris is self-taught in both film and digital photography and his imagery is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. Chris has worked with some of the best surf publications in the business and has shot for Nixon as well. It was through this introduction and his relationships with our surf team riders that the idea to collaborate on the next Nixon photo series was realized.

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Don't be antisocial, follow Chris on Instagram @chrisburkard and watch as he shares his "personal crusade against the mundane" in this inspirational TED Talks.