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Tristan Prettyman Covers Iggy Azalea And Interview

Tristan Prettyman Covers Iggy Azalea And Interview

A new song from friend of the brand Tristan Prettyman surfaced on the Nixon Soundcloud stream this week and—after so many plays that we might have crashed everyone's streams of the World Cup—we had to reach out for a check-in and some shameless fanning out. Enjoy the new cover and a quick interview with Tristan below and be sure to check out the playlist of her favorite songs this summer.

What made you want to cover Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"?

Well I have always loved hip hop and, generally, I don't listen to the radio. But one day I heard this song in the radio and I was like damn.. that's pretty bad ass. I get pretty lazy when I'm not on tour, but I had a show coming up in Napa, so I decided to challenge myself to see if I could memorize it and learn it before then. I felt like it was probably not a song my fans would expect me to cover.

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

Oh wow. Great question. If Jeff Buckley was still alive, that would be the ultimate dream. But alive, today?! I would have to say Pharrell. I loved when he was in The Neptunes, and all the stuff with N.E.R.D & "Frontin" with Beck, it so good. I love how he continually kinda disappears and then makes a come back. He's on point at the moment.

What are your top songs on rotation this summer?

Some of my favorites:
+ Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Of course!)
+ BANKS - Goddess or Waiting Game
+ Rihanna - No Love Allowed
+ Ed Sheeran - Don't
+ Disclosure feat. Sam Smith - Latch
+ Little Dragon - Pretty Girls
+ Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know?
+ Rhye - Open

Are you a fan of music festivals? If you could play any festival, which would it be?

I love festivals! I have been lucky enough to play many of them, but the one I haven't been to that I would love to play/attend would be Outside Lands in San Francisco.

Now what's next?

Working on new stuff as we speak! I will probably release an EP next—everything I'm writing these days is super fun with lots of movement. Definitely festival worthy!

For more, visit Tristan Prettyman's tumblr or official website.