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At Nixon, we believe time is used best when making progress, obsessing over the little shit and making it better, surpassing our limits both in the things we make and in the lives we live by pushing our never been done. It's a belief we've always lived as a brand,?and now it's our challenge to the world?because while time is limited?you are not.

Nixon. Waste no time

This season is dedicated to the makers, creators, and doers.

Curren Caples, Skateboarder

Curren's passion for skateboarding began when he was very young. He subsequently got onto Flip skateboards at the ripe old age of 13 and turned pro two years ago. A great transitional skater, Curren's style is heavily influenced by his surf heritage upbringing, he's named for Tom Curren after all, and he grew up surfing in Ventura, CA. Bottom line, Curren rips and we are proud to be working so closely with him.

Malia James, Photographer, Director and Bass Player

California-based Malia James looks at the world and those around her in a unique and thoughtful way. Ever since she was a little girl, Malia knew she wanted to be a director, and through dedication and her passion for creativity her dream of being behind the lens became a reality.

Herbie Fletcher, Surfing Legend

Surfer. Shaper. Legend. Patriarch. Artist. Enthusiast. Innovator. Friend of Nixon. There isn't a word, sentence or phrase that can describe Herbie Fletcher. The name evokes a different meaning to different people and they are all correct. Regarded by many as one of the most innovative surfers of all time, Herbie was a pioneer when it came to what could be surfed on the North Shore of Oahu at time when that area was virtually unexplored.

Fully embracing a lifestyle in the ocean, Herbie injects surfing into every aspect of his life, be it his passion for painting, photography, sculpture or his family. Herbie leads a life designed through the artistic expression of the surfing and we are admirers with what he has in the past and eager about where he'll go in the future. Here's to the Fletcher's our favorite, surfing family.

Stella Mozgawa, Drummer of Warpaint

Creating an opportunity, not just idly waiting, is how Stella Mozgawa made it happen. A tour de force in the music world, Stella's prowess on the drums made us, along with droves of Warpaint fans, stand up and take notice. Playing drums since she was 13, one of Stella's pinnacle moments in her music career happened when a band she was in opened for Foo Fighters. After playing the opening set for the Foos, they gave her a shout out for her skills on the drums, in the middle of their show, and according to Stella, "It just blew my little mind!"

John John Florence, Surfer

Nixon looks to partner with unique individuals who have a strong point of view, a story to tell and mind-blowing talent. What starts as a casual idea or a conversation with our team takes shape in the products we look to create. Contributing product selection, collection theme, design direction, functional attributes and color palette inspiration, the John John Florence Capsule Collection combines JJF's hobby of photography with his well-traveled sensibilities.