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Watch Chippa Wilson go analog for Stab Magazine

This is A Return To Old Fashioned Values. In a digital age when surfing imagery is visible to millions, moments after it happens, Stab wanted to remove convenience and glance in the rearview mirror at a time when film photography was king. But, we also wanted to contemporise a little.

We partnered up with Bulleit Bourbon to take legendary surf photog Ted Grambeau and contemporary surfer Chris Wilson to the desert of WA, a place of the old world. They were allowed no digital cameras, no cellphones, no social media, no internet. Ted shot the whole trip on film, and the photos appeared in Stab issue 72.

The exception to the no-digital rule is the clip you'll watch here. Film by Toby Cregan, with additional water footage by Tom Jennings.

Song: Playground by Chook Race

Words: Stab Magazine