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Watch Fergal Smith's winter in Ireland

Nixon EU Surfer Fergal Smith's "Winter" is an independent production, entirely filmed and realized by Smith's friends and brother over a period of 2 years.

Set in the rough scenery of the Irish winter line-up, the film genuinely represents Fergal's roots, background, and personality.

"I just wanted to put my surfing in a place that represents who I am, and it allows people to understand where I am coming from and what I am about outside of the water. I want to try and promote other things besides my surfing and try and do some positive things for the world. The surfing world as we know is quite small and I believe we really can make a difference. I call on the surfing community to get involved as it's in our own hands." - so Fergal about the project.

As a different approach to most surfing videos, the film also "is all about the boys who made it. I am out there surfing regardless but it takes real effort for the brothers not to surf and freeze their ass off instead just to capture a few waves of me. So the credit all goes to Mickey Smith for his vision behind it all, my brother Kevin for the endless hours of sitting on cliff lines and Allan Wilson for his swimming skills in heavy water. Thanks brothers!!"

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