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Watch Josh Kerr's new film "Kerrzy" Today Only

Nixon surfer Josh Kerr's new film, "Kerrzy," is streaming in full on Surfing Magazine. Learn more about Kerr's past and present with all of the possessed surfing to match, streaming online until midnight tonight only on

via Surfing:
"Josh Kerr's story isn't much like most stories you'll hear. Kerrzy was an air show guy, then he qualified for tour, then he fell off tour, then he qualified for tour again and proved that he undeniably belongs. And, of course, he's always been a charger. But did you know that he got hit by a car in Hawaii once? Or that his old pickup move was to run up and down the hallways of a hotel naked (It works. You'll see). Learn all this and more in Kerrzy, the movie. Watch the full-length film in its entirety for free, right here, right now — but only for two days. Get busy playing."