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Watch Tony Hawk And Celebrities Test Drive The Hover Board

This morning, when Tony Hawk posted a video with the caption, "HOVERBOARDS ARE REAL (finally!) thanks to @huvrtech," it's no surprise that we got excited. Has the time finally come? Is the only technology we cared about from "Back To The Future" (In the battle of time machine vs. hover board, hover board wins) finally here? Will we finally be able to shred over any obstacle in our path and steer a car full of bullies into a pile of manure?

Watch above as Tony joins a cast of celebrities including Schoolboy Q, Terrell Owens, Moby, Best Coast, and Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, in riding the first ever hover board and judge for yourself.

Yeah, we know it's fake, but Tony Hawk, Hover Boards and Schoolboy Q? Come on, this rules.