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"What I See": a video series by Nixon rider DBK

Everyone knows David Bertschinger Karg - aka DBK - for his skills on a snowboard, but did you know he is also a talented filmmaker?

As part of Nixon's Art Mosh, a global art and music project featuring original work by Nixon artists, team riders and friends, we are proud to support the launch of "‘What I See," a series of 4 short films, each one captured and edited by the 25-year-old Peruvian born rider as he travelled last season, chasing weather systems around the globe. Filmed on location in Moscow, Bardenas Reales (Navarre, Spain), Alaska and Seattle (featured in episode one), each episode takes the viewer on a journey senses.


The Swiss national only began making his own short films relatively recently, and has clearly embraced the challenge. "This filmmaking project gave my season a whole new dimension. It allowed me to frame and showcase my lifestyle beyond the tricks I land, and the turns I make on my snowboard. Combining two of my biggest passions in this way has been a really refreshing and exhilarating experience from start to finish."

The next episode will be released in two weeks on August 11th.

And just for a refresher, enjoy DBK's part from last year Isenseven's movie "A Way We Go":