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WHAT'S TICKING: Mom's Record Collection

WHAT'S TICKING: Mom's Record Collection

The clock's ticking and we're in the home stretch (or scramble) to get mom something she'll actually be into for mother's day. We were wracking our brains, a merry-go-round of lame gestures like flowers, candy, and potholders, when we remembered: Oh right, Nixon watches are pretty damn great for mom, too. Then we took a cue from our new favorite meme, My Husband's Stupid Record Collection, and remembered that those LPs on a shelf, well they're a little bit like reading someone's palm—at least aesthetically speaking. So, which mom are you shopping for? We've got a little something for all of them, whether Studio 54 still feels like it was yesterday or she's recently transferred her penchant for over-mothering to her plants. Take a look!

Disco Mom
Chic - C'est Chic
The Small Kensington
Boldly feminine in a distinctly blingy way, the Small Kensington is just the thing for Disco Mom. Plus, it'll remind her of all the mirrored surfaces of her youth.

Hippie Mom
Richie Havens - Mixed Bag
Nixon for Kate Spade Saturday Time Teller P
Like a hazy sunrise over the Woodstock tents, our ombré Kate Spade Saturday Time Teller P is the right fit for your Hippie Mom. Now that, 40 years later, she finally wants to be on time for things.

Punk Rock Mom
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
The Time Teller Acetate
Those lucky enough to have a punk rock mom know one thing: She's not messing around. A camo Time Teller Acetate is perfect for a grownup mom-badass.

New Age Mom
Baroque Bouquet - Plant Music
The Kensington Leather
New Age Mom loves nothing more than soft dappled sunlight and natural materials, so a denim Kensington Leather is the only logical choice. Not that logic has entered this household in decades.

Synth-y Mom
Blondie - Parallel Lines
Nixon for Kate Spade Saturday Time Teller P
For better or worse, Synth-y Mom lost those long, red acrylic nails years ago, but her deep love of swelling keyboards of icy emotion never went away. A high contrast Time Teller P from Kate Spade Saturday reminds her of New Wave glory days.

Sock Hop Mom
Dion & the Belmonts - Teenager In Love
The Mellor
Sock Hop Mom knows a thing or two about classics with immediately pleasing hooks, which is why The Mellor in untreated vachetta leather is so right for her. She also knows a lot about the back seats of Stingrays, but seriously, please stop talking about that mom. Please.

Still unsure? Why don't you have a listen to our playlist of the above artists and see which one brings back road trip memories from the back seat of the station wagon.

Nixon Mom's Day Playlist by Nixon_Music on Mixcloud