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WHEN+WHERE: Marfa, Texas

WHEN+WHERE: Marfa, Texas

When+Where is a series of posts that take you on a 24 hour escape to our favorite off the grid locales. Maybe these places won't be your destination of choice the next time the travel bug bites, but hopefully you find some inspiration for your next adventure binge.

Marfa has to be one of the strangest places in the country. It's a teeny town (population 1,899) in the middle-of-nowhere that is internationally famous. While we could easily spend a month in Marfa, this is our ultimate 24 hour itinerary.

If you're not in driving distance, which most of us aren't, your best bet is to fly in to El Paso and rent a car. The drive is roughly three hours, but the vast sky and the West Texas desert scenery does not disappoint. If you're looking to unplug and get off the grid for a bit, you'll definitely feel far from home as soon as you leave El Paso's city limits. As you approach Marfa, the route in will take you by the iconic Prada Marfa sculpture erected in 2005 in Valentine, TX. Roll up around golden hour for that perfect lighting for the obligatory Instagram we all want to "like".

5:30pm: Check in. The Thunder Bird is a favorite of frequent Marfa visitors for its hip interiors and Ace-like amenities. For the slightly more adventurous El Cosmico will situate you in your own RV or Tee-Pee.

6:00pm: Grab a beer. While there's a plethora of art galleries and well-designed hotels, don't forget that you're actually in rural Texas, and have a beer at a cowboy(ish) bar. The Lost Horse Saloon will slide you a cold one and a smile which may give you the courage to challenge a regular to a game of pool.

8:00pm: Eat Dinner. If you're looking to clean up and have a nice meal (you did just drive three hours, you deserve it) head to Cochineal for a simple-yet-delicious meal and a strong margarita. Maiya's is another great option and right across the street from the famous Marfa Public Radio studio.

10:00pm: See some live music. Padre's serves up everything from twangy slide-guitar heavy country tunes to 1990s death metal—and they also serve Texan microbrews.

Midnight: See the famous mystery lights. We're not sure if they're aliens or car lights, but it's a rite of passage for any Marfa visitor to attempt the to see the ghostly light orbs that the town is famous for.

1:00am: Late night snack. The Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour is open until 1:30am and has a menu of multiple melty sandwiches that'll blow you away, maybe just a bit more than the collection of vintage TV sets that form a mini museum of screens from another era.

9:00am: Breakfast + Caffeine. Squeeze is your best bet for a breakfast, it's a Swiss cafe which is completely appropriate as you'll likely overhear conversations from international visitors from France and Japan as well as local dialects from Austin, Houston, L.A. and New York.

10:00am: Perhaps the name most important to Marfa is Judd. Donald Judd, the minimalist artist who create large scale land art and objects that often evoke a sense of space. The Chinati Foundation tours are informative and rich, but also let you explore the art of Judd and others independently.

1:00pm: Lunch in Marfa is all about the Food Shark truck. With a rotating menu that's half Mediterranean and half Texan, the truck's pavilion near the rail road tracks that cut through town is a perfect place to fortify with Mole pork tacos and a Mexican Coke.

2:00pm: Hit the shops. From Cobra Rock Boot Company to Moonlight Gemstones to El Cosmico's shop, there's plenty of retail outpost in town to fit your needs.

5:00pm: One more coffee for the road. It's a long drive back to El Paso, so grab a coffee (or ice cream) for the road at Frama Coffee. It's conveniently connected to a laundromat, just incase you didn't pack another day's worth of clothes.