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You Should Know: Curren Caples x Surfline

You Should Know: Curren Caples x Surfline

Surfline’s You Should Know takes readers on a tour of the world’s most interesting surf towns with the surfers that know it best. This month Nixon team rider and local hero, Curren Caples shows off the goods found around Ventura, California.

While Curren is known as one of the most impressive skaters of our time, his roots in surfing are deep and his skate style is heavily influenced from his formative years growing up in Ventura and his time spent in the water surfing. He was, after all, named after Tom Curren, one of the most stylish people in surf.

Drop in and check out Curren’s hometown. From where to eat and places to stay to the locals only skate and surf spots. Curren serves up the insider info on Ventura. Click here to learn more.

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