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Zeitgeist: Friends With You

Zeitgeist: Friends With You

Every so often, the women of Nixon like to pop over to Happenings and tell us a thing or two about what's hip and happening in their world. Zeitgeist is our series of art and cultural awesomeness from around the world.

We're pretty big fans of things like magic, luck and friendship, so we were destined to fall hard for fine art collaboration FriendsWithYou, whose purpose is to spread a message of Magic, Luck and Friendship(TM). Since 2002 Samual Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III have been injecting their message into paintings, large-scale installations, spaces, live performances—you name it, they'll use it as a medium.

In the super kawaii tradition of Murakami or Yayoi Kusama, FriendsWithYou and their animate installations are bright, colorful and larger-than-life. Check out their constant flow of happy faces online on their blog, IRL at any number of installations or in your hands with their brand spanking new book We Are FriendsWithYou.

Don't be antisocial, follow @FriendsWithYou on twitter.

These super kawaii spreads feature The Small Time Teller P.