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Zeitgeist: Saturday with Andrea Westerlind

Zeitgeist: Saturday with Andrea Westerlind

And now, a brief interlude from our pals, the women of Nixon.

In Zeitgiest, we try to capture that elusive culture-essence out there in the ether—and repurpose it for our own awesome purposes. This month, we're really excited about our collaboration with Kate Spade Saturday, so we've been thinking long and hard about the best ways to spend time off. So, we thought: Why not ask someone who's adventures ended up becoming her job?

Meet Andrea Westerlind, founder and owner of Westerlind, an outdoor gear showroom and retail website operating out of New York. Westerlind took her love of a last-minute adventure and turned it into a business—at once fashion-focused and totally functional. So, we're obviously a little more than sold on the whole idea.

If you could be transported anywhere in the world this Saturday—no jetlag, no airports!—where would you go and what would you do? I'm very excited about my fly fishing trip to the Bahamas next weekend. I can't really imagine any place I'd rather go right now.

And what does a normal Saturday look like for you? I try to get in at least one small adventure every weekend. I use them to clear my head & recharge. But it's also a good way for me to research new products, since there's really only one way to find out about wether a product works or not, and that's to use it.

It's not the weekend until… I've put on my hiking boots.

My must-have gear for optimum leisure-time: A bathing suit and a sauna. Except for it it's in Sweden, I skip the suit.

Planning my next adventure …is how I incorporate that "saturday feeling" into my workweek.

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